Health Have you gotten rid of the energy drink hook? Answer the HS questionnaire

What effects has the high consumption of energy drinks had on your well-being? Tell us about your experience in the HS survey.

Tire. The morning does not start without or the afternoon ends with a bet.

The energy drink invigorates. Its effervescence also feels nice in the mouth. Gradually, energy drinks start to consume every day, maybe even several.

Does it sound familiar?

Energy drinks have become very popular over the last twenty years. There are now several brands on the market, some of which are also marketed to trainers. Some drinks contain a large amount of sugar, but there are also sugar-free options.

Energy drinks contain caffeine, which is known to invigorate. However, with continued use, caffeine can also be addictive. Therefore, some people find it difficult to get rid of the constant consumption of energy drinks.

HS is talking about it. Answer the survey and tell us about your experiences.

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