Germany Angela Merkel’s husband made an exceptional outing: explained Germany’s low vaccination coverage with “German laziness and complacency”

Joachim Sauer has avoided political limelight throughout his wife’s 16-year career as Federal Chancellor. However, the now retired top researcher was horrified in an interview with an Italian newspaper about how much of his countrymen have turned their backs on science.

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German History was made at the Parliament House in November 2005, when the country’s first female Chancellor was sworn in. Angela Merkelin however, one key person was missing from the inauguration: a top researcher in quantum chemistry Joachim Sauer, Merkel’s Spouse.

Busy Professor Sauer was unable to attend because he was immersed in his work at Humboldt University in Berlin, a source at the time explained. To Spiegel.

For the next 16 years, the situation remained the same. Merkel led Germany and Europe, the husband visibly stayed out of politics.

News agency According to Reuters, Sauer refused to follow Merkel on most missions. In public, he agreed to comment mainly on his own research and Richard Wagneria, A 19th-century German opera composer admired by a quantum chemist.

Now Merkel is stepping down from power. Sauer, for his part, made an exceptional public statement and commented sharply on the coroner vaccination situation in Italy. To La Repubblica.

Sauer, who has had a long career in science, said he was shocked by Germany’s vaccination coverage, which has remained at 68 per cent. In many European countries, such as Finland, Italy and Spain, a much larger proportion of the population is vaccinated.

“It is appalling that a third of the German population does not follow the results of scientific research,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer met with the Pope in the Vatican in October 2021.

Stateside vaccination coverage is about the same as in Germany. There, according to Sauer, the governors of some states have campaigned against the vaccine.

In Germany, on the other hand, the reason for the low vaccination coverage is partly “a certain kind of laziness and complacency of the Germans,” Sauer estimates. Another problematic group Sauer sees are people who refuse the vaccine, citing their own beliefs.

Sauer likened these people ideologically opposed to the “vaccination dictatorship” to creationists who denied evolution.

German the coronavirus situation has deteriorated sharply in recent days and new breaches have taken place in the country myth records. Director of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany Lothar Wielerin according to the epidemiological situation is worse than ever during a corona pandemic.

According to Wieler, about 0.8 percent of those infected inevitably die. In Germany, the figure is compared to an airplane crashing into the ground every day.

The United States on Monday recommended avoiding traveling to Germany because of the country’s poor coronary virus situation.

Germany has once again introduced new restrictions to calm the situation. For example, the Christmas market has been canceled. At the same time, authorities are trying to attract people to vaccination points.

More than 200 homeless people were promised a free curry sausage in Frankfurt if they took the vaccine at the same time, according to AFP news agency. The Hanoverian authorities, for their part, have announced that they will distribute 1,000 football tickets to those taking the first dose of the vaccine.

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