Football The Swedish footballer received a four-year ban from playing manipulation

Pawel Cibicki took out a deliberate warning in return for a loan of SEK 300,000.

Swedish football professional Pawel Cibicki has received a four-year international ban on match manipulation.

Cibicki, 28, has been banned from games in Sweden since September, and now the International Football Association Fifa has extended the ban to all leagues.

“This is positive, but also expected. Otherwise, you could just move to another country to play, ”a lawyer for the Swedish Football Association Christine Stridsberg comments To SVT.

Cibickin was found guilty of match manipulation and taking bribes. According to the verdict, Cibicki, who represented Elfsborg, deliberately took a warning in one Allsvenskan match in 2019 in return for a loan of SEK 300,000.

The offense may seem small, but match events can be bet on at a very detailed level, so any match manipulation is strictly prohibited.

In addition to Cibick, the player who played for the Swedish futsal team at the time of the offense and the player who played for the third division received a six- and five-year ban.

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