Football Lionel Mess’s loose ball from the edge of the box, but the ball went wide

Messi scored Argentina’s opening goal in the World Cup qualifier.

Argentina won football in the South American World Cup qualifiers on Sunday in Uruguay 3-0.

The name of the scorer of the match was not a surprise, but the goal itself was quite surprising. 38 minutes into the match Lionel Messi centered the ball about 35 meters into the goal. Argentine striker Nicolas Gonzalez neither hits the ball nor the Uruguay goalkeeper who scored his goal Fernando Muslera. So the ball bounces directly into the bottom corner of the goal.

The finish situation at the fair starts with a video in time 4.11:

Argentina’s other goals were recorded Rodrigo De Paulille and Lautaro Martínezille.

“We played a great match. Everything worked perfectly, ”Messi said after the match, according to news agency Reuters.

“Uruguay initially caused dangerous situations, but when we got the opening goal, we started to find space and goals were born.”

When Brazil fell to a 0-0 draw with Colombia, and Brazil’s lead in the South American World Cup qualifiers to Argentina narrowed to six points. Third is Ecuador on a par with Uruguay. The duo is six points away from Argentina.

The top four of South America’s top ten World Cup qualifiers will make it to the 2022 World Cup finals. In addition, the fifth of the block will continue to qualify further. That is where Colombia is now.


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