Europe “The worst threat is not disintegration but stagnation” – French ex-president warns that European values ​​will remain in the world during his visit to Finland

François Hollande, who led France from 2012 to 2017, gave a speech at the Parliament House on Tuesday evening.

French former president François Hollande warned in a speech in Finland on Tuesday night that our domestic part is threatening to play an increasingly insignificant role on the world stage.

“Despite all its strengths, such as technology, economy and environmental leadership, Europe is a secondary power in the world,” Hollande said.

France In 2012–2017, the leading socialist as President was speaking at the Parliament House in Finland at the invitation of the members’ association of former students of the French School of Administration (ENA) and the Nya utrikespolitiska samfundet.

The former Governor of the Bank of Finland chaired the speech Erkki Liikanen.

According to Hollande, European values ​​of freedom and democracy threaten to be marginalized as the United States withdraws from the world’s conflict zones and China marches resolutely towards its economic and technological goals.

“The world still needs a European example and its values. To the freedom that inspires us. ”

Union the disintegration is no longer seen by Hollande at all as a threat seen before Britain’s secession from the EU. He doesn’t think there will be other departures coming.

He pointed out that there are no “serious” candidates coming to the French presidential election next spring to talk about rejecting the euro or the EU. Five years ago, the election came second to the National Front Marine Le Pen tried to get the people to the polls with their negative stance on the euro.

However, talk of a euro gap turned out to be his most failed election theme.

According to Hollande, France has now looked beyond the canal to Britain and found that road unattractive.

“There has been a shortage of certain supplies. No British model was born, nor About Boris Johnson become a political icon for Europe. “

Because According to Hollande, Europe should now focus on strengthening its position on a global scale.

“The worst threat is not disintegration but stagnation and downhill.”

As a solution, Hollande suggested that a core group of willing countries be formed in the EU to accelerate the pace of integration. This “avant-garde group” would take a common Europe forward in areas where the Union of 27 may not reach an agreement.

“This would at least be about energy, digitalisation and defense,” he said.

Hollanden especially in defense, the EU is doing much less than it could.

He pointed out that the United States has long been a departure from all current and potential conflict zones in the world except Asia.

“Development has already begun Barack Obaman during, intensified Donald Trumpin during and continues, at least to some extent, as well Joe Biden during.”

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