EU The EU is providing a € 1 billion aid package to help Afghans

The funds will be channeled to international organizations, not the Taliban regime.

European Union on Tuesday announced a $ 1 billion aid package to help Afghans. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said the package aims to prevent a “major humanitarian and socio-economic collapse”.

The package announced at the G20 virtual meeting adds € 250 million to the € 300 million previously announced by the EU for urgent humanitarian needs. The rest of the billion goes to Afghanistan’s neighbors, who are hosting fugitives from the Afghan Taliban regime.

Von der Leyen’s statement emphasized that the EU’s aid package was “direct aid” to Afghans. The funds will be channeled to international organizations working on the ground, not to the Taliban Interim Government, which the EU does not recognize.

Reported a € 1 billion aid package will increase health resources in Afghanistan. In neighboring countries, it is to help manage migration and promote cooperation in the fight against terrorism, crime and the smuggling of migrants.

Von der Leyen has said that EU countries have a moral obligation to help Afghanistan. According to him, the responsibility lies especially with the countries that participated in the NATO operation in Afghanistan. That operation was hastily terminated in August after the Taliban took power in the country.


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