Espionage | US government source: China has been spying on Cuba for years

According to the source, China also renovated the facilities of its Cuban espionage unit in 2019, Reuters and AFP report.

China has been using Cuba as a place for espionage for years, a representative of the US administration said on Saturday, according to Reuters and AFP.

The Wall Street Journal news on Thursday, that China and Cuba had made a secret agreement to establish a spy unit in Cuba. According to the WSJ, the electronic espionage unit would be located about 16 kilometers from the coast of Florida. From there, China could collect communications information from areas in the southeastern United States that have significant military bases.

The foreign ministries of Cuba and China dismissed the news as false. The US Department of Defense also denied the WSJ’s information about the establishment of the spy station.

On Saturday the US government source who commented on the matter, who remained anonymous, says that China has had espionage activities in Cuba already during the time of the previous US government. According to the source, China also renovated the premises of its Cuban espionage unit in 2019.

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However, according to the source, the WSJ report “was not compatible” with the US administration’s information. He did not elaborate on the extent to which the article was incorrect, Reuters reports.

According to a government source, US intelligence has in any case closely monitored China’s espionage activities in Cuba.

“This is an ongoing problem, not a new twist,” he said, according to news agencies.

Cuban deputy foreign minister Carlos Fernandez de Cossio also dismissed these comments from a government source as lies.

“The derogatory speculation continues,” he wrote on Twitter, among other things.

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