Demonstrations Protesters in the August Rebellion cut off traffic on Pitkälläsilla

The environmental movement Elokapina warns travelers east or northeast of the city center to prepare for traffic disruptions.

Environmental movement Elokapina has cut off traffic by going to the roadway on Pitkälläsilla near the center of Helsinki.

Elokapina warns on Twitter that after 6 pm, buses and trams traveling east and northeast from the city center should prepare for the protest. Rescue vehicles are promised to let through.

According to the August Rebel, there will be 250 protesters, among whom, in addition to the August Rebels, there are 25 researchers from different universities in Finland.

“The traffic cut-off on the Long Bridge is a reaction to the current government’s reluctance to recognize the climate crisis as an emergency and to take faster emission reductions in line with the emergency,” the movement explains in a statement.

Helsinki police confirm protesters have cut off traffic by going to the roadway. Police are on site to direct traffic.

The police had been informed in advance about the peaceful occasion of Elokapina in the Park of the Small Parliament.

However, according to HS, the protest, which is now beginning, will focus on Kaisaniemi and Pitkällesilla.


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