Demonstrations Protesters against war in Ukraine defy police in St. Petersburg – HS followed resistance on the ground

Protesters arrested in St. Petersburg are taken to buses. They may be detained for a maximum of 15 days, in addition to which there may be fines.

At least hundreds if not more than a thousand protesters have gathered on the streets of St. Petersburg on Sunday to oppose the Russian war in Ukraine.

HS followed a demonstration on the spot in St. Petersburg.

Protesters have gathered, at least in front of the historic Gostinyi Dvor department store on Neva’s main street and a short distance from Heinätori.

However, the event is not in line with the traditional image of the demonstration. Few have signs, and a loose unorganized crowd walks back and forth through the streets.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnyin convened demonstrations are held around the country. OVD-info, which monitors the arrests, said on Sunday afternoon that more than 2,000 people would have been arrested during the protests, according to the news agency Reuters. Some media have reported as many as 3,500 detainees.

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The Sunday demonstration started in St. Petersburg at about 1 pm Finnish time.

Shortly afterwards, police began arresting protesters in front of the Gostinyi Dvor department store. The detainees were taken to purpose-built buses.

Meanwhile, across the street, a crowd began shouting “no to war”. The young-looking man got up on the railing and urged the arresting National Guard Rosgvardija to “suck the fuck”.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man rose from a car sitting in a traffic jam at a nearby intersection, shouting at the protesters, cursing.

The center of St. Petersburg on Sunday.

HS: n A protester met on the streets of St. Petersburg Anna says the situation is hard to call a protest.

“Nothing happens. Police arrest him right away, even if he’s just walking down the street, ”he says. The full name I give will not be published for security reasons.

“Nothing but the change of power in Russia will end the war,” he says.

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Demonstration progresses in the style of a cat and mouse game. National Guard arrest buses are trying to get protesters to their wounds, while when they see the bus, many leave to run.

If the National Guard remains wounded, protesters can be detained for up to 15 days. There may also be fines in the permit.

According to HS, some Russians have been urged in the workplace not to take part in the protests. For example, there has been a message in some colleges working and studying warning of participation and the associated penalties.

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