Cuba | Fuel depot ignited by lightning burns for fifth day in Cuba

One person has died, 14 are missing and over a hundred have been injured in the fire.

Cuban rescue officials were still trying to control a fire at a fuel depot in the city of Matanzas, sparked by lightning, overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday. Matanzas is located about one hundred kilometers from the capital Havana.

One person has died, 14 are missing and more than a hundred people have been injured in the fire. In addition, the authorities have had to evacuate 5,000 residents of the industrial city from the accident area.

Four of the area’s eight 50 million liter fuel tanks have been destroyed in the fire. The fire department fights to keep the remaining four from bursting into flames.

Fire the resulting fuel shortage threatens to lead to serious problems in a country already suffering from power outages. The Matanzas fuel depot has been feeding the country’s largest power generation plant, which is now not getting the fuel it needs.

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Rescue workers and technicians from Mexico and Venezuela are involved in the firefighting operations.

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