Crisis in Ukraine Russia: NATO and US responses to security demands did not meet Russia’s expectations

However, according to Foreign Minister Lavrov, the answers give hope to “start a serious debate on secondary issues”.

Russia has reacted on Thursday to NATO and US responses to security demands, saying they did not meet Russia ‘s expectations. The news agency AFP reports this.

Russia has made so-called security demands on the West, to which it has demanded written answers. The United States submitted its response on Wednesday.

“The ball is now in Russia’s hemisphere,” the U.S. Secretary of State said Antony Blinken said.

Russia, however, was convicted of an American language image.

“The United States and NATO are playing dangerous ping-pong, saying the ball is now in Russia’s field,” Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma Leonid Slutski said on Wednesday the news agency To the cup. “The ball is still in the western half.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov according to the United States and NATO, the answers are currently the president of Russia Vladimir Putin under consideration. He said there is no need to rush into making final estimates, as it will take time to analyze the responses.

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“It can’t be said that our views have been taken into account, or that our willingness to take our concerns into account has been demonstrated,” Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

Peskov said the United States and NATO had asked for the documents to be kept confidential, but in light of the details that came to light, he said it “may not really be worth it.”

Also the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction with the responses received by Russia.

“There was no positive answer to the main question,” Lavrov said in a statement, referring to the Kremlin’s request to ban Ukraine from joining NATO.

However, according to Lavrov, the answer gives “hope to start a serious debate on secondary issues”.

United States increased pressure on Russia the night before Thursday, announcing that gas would not flow in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea if the crisis in Ukraine escalated.

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“If Russia invades Ukraine – one way or another – Nord Stream 2 will not move forward,” US State Department communications manager Ned Price said NPR radio channel in an interview.

Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that is important for the energy supply of Central Europe. Nord Stream 2 has recently been completed and gas supplies are scheduled to start in the near future.

The United States is not involved in the pipeline, and Price did not disclose in the interview the extent to which the United States has negotiated its position with Germany.

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Hataraa hope for easing was also on offer as representatives of Russia and Ukraine negotiated a ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine in Paris on Wednesday.

Negotiations took place in the so-called Normandy group, led by Germany and France. Negotiations on a ceasefire agreement are scheduled to resume in Berlin in February.

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In eastern Ukraine, the situation remains tense. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Wednesday ceasefire report according to the Donetsk and Luhansk region there were 460 ceasefire violations during the previous day.

Ukraine the conflict has been going on since 2014, when Russia usurped the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine and began supporting pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The latest developments are that Russia has concentrated a significant number of its troops on Ukraine’s borders. Russia fears a new attack on Ukrainian territory.

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