Crimes Police suspect taxi driver of numerous sexual offenses – Man suspected of taking taxi women alone

A taxi driver about 40 years old has previously been sentenced to more than six years in prison. Police have now found seven more victims.

Helsinki police have completed a preliminary investigation into sexual offenses. The acts are suspected of a taxi driver about 40 years old.

Among the criminal names, the police cite five rapes, rape attempted deprivation of liberty and coercion into sexual exploitation.

The series of suspected crimes dates back to 2019–2021.

The suspected man has previously been convicted of similar sexual offenses against four women. The Helsinki District Court then sentenced the man to six years and three months in prison.

Helsingin Sanomat reports on a taxi driver’s previous conviction in August.

The police there are seven interested parties in the recent preliminary investigation.

New ones the victims came to light as the police went through a series of crimes committed in a similar manner during the pre-trial investigation, in which the identity of the suspect was not known.

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The suspect was traced through forensic investigations.

The suspect, who worked as a taxi driver, repeatedly picked up women moving alone from outside the taxi stand. In a taxi, a male driver often offered women alcohol or other intoxicants.

During the taxi trips, the man did not immediately drive to the destination address, but the man drove the wrong routes or took the women to an apartment outside Helsinki.

The man sexually assaulted women in a car or apartment. In some cases, the man secretly described women.

“We identified the stakeholders when we conducted device searches of the suspect’s confiscated IT equipment. These cases did not progress to prosecution, as the right to prosecute for expulsion expires in two years, ”says the Director of Investigation, the Helsinki Police Criminal Commissioner. Jutta Antikainen.

According to the police, the behavior of the taxi driver was the same in all cases, and the action was planned and considered.

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