Crimes A man is accused of murdering another man and his videos in Aka – prosecutor demands life sentence

The man denies the murder but admits to hitting the victim with a knife and causing this death.

Prosecutor demands punishment for man for murder last Christmas in Pirkanmaa, Aka. The handling of the charges began on Wednesday in the Pirkanmaa District Court.

According to the prosecutor, the 36-year-old man hit the other man several times with a sawtooth knife in the neck and chest area. The victim died of his injuries.

The prosecutor believes the bloodshed was firmly considered. According to the indictment, the man had previously sent messages to a third man in connection with the so-called snuff film genre, in which the killing of a man depicted in the film was actually done.

“The messages indicate that the film would come straight from where the (accused) is and the homicide would be directed at the person accompanying (the accused),” the prosecutor writes in his subpoena.

According to the prosecutor, a few hours after sending the messages, the man hit the victim with a knife lying in bed. The man filmed three videos of the violence, according to the prosecutor, one of which he forwarded.

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The prosecutor is demanding a life sentence for the murder of the man. The man is also charged with violating the grave peace because he had been touched by the victim’s face after the death and described the situation.

The man denies the murder but admits to hitting the victim with a knife and causing this death.

For the other man who received the messages and videos, the prosecutor is demanding a suspended prison sentence for failing to report a felony. According to the prosecutor, the man had known the bloodshed was in progress when the crime could still be prevented, but did not tell the authorities. The man denies having committed the crime.

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