Coronavirus Southern Finland avi: possible new restrictions would take effect in less than two weeks

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland will probably decide on the new restrictions next Wednesday or Thursday.

Southern Finland the regional government agency (avi) will probably make decisions based on the government’s new recommendations by the end of next week, says avin’s director Kristiina Poikajärvi. Avit is likely to receive a letter of instruction from the Department of Social Affairs and Health (STM) on Monday.

“We will evaluate new policies from the beginning of the week and consult with regional corona coordination groups. Decisions are likely to be made around Wednesday and Thursday, ”says Poikajärvi.

In Uusimaa, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group and the Uusimaa Regional Coordination Group make their own recommendations. The Southern Finland AVI imposes restrictions on each hospital district in its area separately.

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Government recommended the introduction of new restrictions on Friday. Among the new policies, the decision-making powers of the regional government agencies include the closure of customer and participant premises, the restriction of indoor and outdoor public events, and the suspension of indoor activities for children and young people.

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In Uusimaa, restrictions on customer and participant facilities are currently in effect until January 24th. For example, sports and other recreational facilities are closed.

However, the restriction does not apply to those born in 2003 or later, ie children and young people are still allowed to engage in indoor activities. This easing of restrictions is therefore now open for reconsideration.

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In Uusimaa, for the time being, there are no restrictions on outdoor events at all. Instead, indoor events will be banned until the end of January.

Kristiina Poikajärvi, Director of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

Poikajärvi does not yet assess whether the avi intends to impose new restrictions or not.

“I’m not going to speculate on what the decisions might be.”

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If new restrictions are imposed, they would probably take effect one week after the decisions are made. If the restrictions are decided towards the end of next week, the restrictions would therefore take effect in less than two weeks.

By law, customer and participant facilities can be closed for two weeks at a time. Restrictions on gatherings may be decided for one month at a time.

On Friday, the government made a number of recommendations in matters where it does not have direct decision-making power:

CUSTOMER AND PARTICIPANT FACILITIES it is recommended to close and ban public events at least until the end of January. Any decisions on this will be made by the regional government agencies. Currently, the restrictions are already largely in place in Uusimaa and several other areas.

FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE indoor hobbies are recommended to be stopped. If the regional administrations so decide, it would be a change from the status quo. At present, they have made it possible for those born after 2003 to use the indoor sports facilities.

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LOW RISK according to the government’s recommendation, outdoor events can still be organized if close contacts can be avoided. This is also decided by the regional government agencies.

FREEZING THE CRONO PASSPORT The Government Decree is intended to continue so that restaurant and event restrictions cannot be circumvented with the help of a corona passport until at least the end of January.

THE GOVERNMENT RECOMMENDS people to work with a maximum of five non-family members for private indoor events.

FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS it is recommended to offer two home tests per week. If several infections are found in the teaching group, testing could be increased by a decision of the doctor responsible for infectious diseases, for example, 3 to 5 times a week.

WHOLE SCHOOL CLASS Minister for the Family and Basic Services Krista Kiurun (sd) to quarantine any case of infection in a severe disease situation.

FFP2 FACE MASK expansion is recommended.

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