Comment Miska Ylitolva, 17, who rose completely from the bush to Huuhkaji, made history against Iceland, and it tells about the close connection between Huuhkajie and HJK.

Critics may say that head coach Markku Kanerva favors HJK players. Undeniably, HJK has often been promoted from Veikkausliiga to Huuhkaji. The advantage of Ylitolvta was that he played his first matches at HJK under the watchful eye of Huuhkajat coach Toni Korkeakunnas, writes HS sports journalist Ari Virtanen.

World Cup qualifiers After a disappointment, the Finnish men’s national football team, Huuhkajat, will find its shape and tone before the next competitive matches in the League of Nations starting in June. Some things are permanent: Teemu Pukki he still bears the responsibility for scoring, and he scored the only goal in Finland in a 1-1 draw against Iceland on Saturday.

Finished their national team careers in the World Cup qualifiers Paulus Arajuuri and Joona Toivio left a big gap to fill for the team. Not just as great players, but also as great personalities.

In the international match against Iceland in Murcia, Spain on Saturday, Arajuuri and Toivio took over Sauli Väisänen and Miro Tenhowho still have a long way to go before they look as defensive as the aforementioned Kanerva team credit players.

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Played as the third topper Daniel O’Shaughnessy rose to the opening of the national team over the last couple of years and is now part of the captaincy.

They played against Iceland as wingers Ilmari Niskanen and Miska Ylitolvaand for the latter, many may ask with good reason, who is Overflowing?

Ylitolva moved from RoPS to HJK this season, and had not played a match in the Veikkausliiga before joining the A national team after good league cup matches. On Saturday, Ylitolva was 17 years old and 307 days old. He is the third youngest player to make his national team debut and the youngest to make his national team debut without major league experience.

Pasi Rautiainen has made his youngest debut ever, as he was 17 years old and 202 days old in his debut in 1979. Before that, the youngest was HJK Eino Soinio, who played just before the 1912 Olympics against Sweden at the age of 17 and 229 days. All three youngest people thus have a background in HJK.

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Some critic might say that head coach Markku Kanerva favors HJK players. Undeniably, HJK has often been promoted from Veikkausliiga to Huuhkaji. The advantage of Overtolva was that he played his first matches at HJK. Toni Korkeakunnas under the watchful eye. The university is now a member of HJK’s coaching team.

HJK’s topper Miro Tenho also made his debut on Saturday.

In the HJK League Cup matches, Ylitolva showed that his physique was enough for the league level, and in Murcia he showed that it was enough even for the Owls. The debut, which ended in 73 minutes, went well – with a few small mistakes.

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