Columns Too expensive food has been commonplace for many for a long time

A healthy and varied diet is not just a matter of will, although it is often desired to be seen as such.

Midsummer became expensive this year. Cottage lunches from coffee to middle beer have risen sharply in recent months, and there is no end in sight to rising consumer prices.

Natural Resources Center (Luke) has assessed that the price of food in Finland will rise by as much as ten per cent this year compared to last year. It feels so strong in the wallets of many middle-class people that spending has to be cut.

Outrage after a business trip has already become a recurring habit. In the spirit of black humor, it is speculated how much will have to be shelled out this time.

When updating the price of a food basket, it is easy to forget that sweating has been a daily occurrence for many Finns for years.

Social medicine journal released in May theme number, addressing food inequalities in Finland. Differences in well-being are growing, the magazine said in the editorial states.

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Researchers have studied, among other things, the food consumption of service sector workers. More than a third of the respondents to the survey said they had suffered from severe food insecurity. The survey was conducted in the spring of 2019.

In addition to the number of meals, it is about the quality of the food.

In everyday language, this means that there is not enough nutritious and healthy food on the table because there is not enough money. In this case, the person may, for example, reduce their meals, go to bed hungry or not eat all day.

In addition to the number of meals, it is about the quality of the food.

Socio-economic differences in diet are already observed in kindergarteners. The family’s low income is associated with low consumption of vegetables, berries and fish dishes. Sausages and sugary soft drinks, on the other hand, are consumed more.

Rising prices predict that inequality will increase further. Vegetables are in danger of disappearing from the plate of more and more children.

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Unilateral or a diet that is too low may include high cholesterol, low fiber intake, or a lack of vitamin B12, which is important for the nervous system. Over time, the health effects recur.

When talking about nutrition, the idea that the diet will get well when you get up a little often is repeated. However, this is not always possible.

Rising prices is expected to facilitate next year. Unfortunately, it does not solve everyone’s food concerns.

The inequality visible on the plate must be addressed.

The author is a producer of lifestyle delivery.

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