Climate change May is the hottest in the history of measurement in France and Spain

According to experts, heat waves are linked to climate change and will increase in the future.

Unusually the early heatwave has hit southern and western europe over the weekend.

In Spain, for example, temperatures above 40 degrees were measured on Friday, the country’s Finnish Meteorological Institute (AEMET) said. On Twitter.

The heat wave caused by the warm air mass from North Africa has raised temperatures up to 15 degrees higher than usual, AEMET said. Spain is usually hottest in July-August.

Spaniards have been instructed over the weekend to drink plenty of water, avoid too much physical exercise, and stay cool as much as possible.

Meteorologist of the Finnish weather service Foreca Anna Latvala estimatesthat on Sunday a very toast will move to the northeast of Spain.

“On Monday and Tuesday, temperatures will fall sharply in Spain and France. Much of Spain has less than 30 degrees. However, it is still hot in Italy and east of it, ”Latvala said on Foreca’s website.

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Also In France, sweating has been taking place this week at higher than normal temperatures compared to the season. In the southern parts of the country, temperatures have risen to around 33 degrees during the week.

Experts in both France and Spain have estimated that May this year will be the hottest in the countries’ measurement history.

Heat waves are becoming more common in the future due to climate change. According to a recent report by the World Weather Attribution, a group of scientists studying climate change and its effects, all heat waves are already clearly linked to climate change.

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