Canada Canada plans to provide tens of billions in compensation to indigenous members affected by school homes

The compensation decision seeks to alleviate the uproar that arose in the summer when more than a thousand unmarked graves were found in the courtyards of school homes.

Canada has pledged up to C $ 40 billion (about € 30 billion) in compensation for indigenous children and families affected by the infamous school system. About it says including the British broadcaster BBC.

In September, the Supreme Court upheld a 2016 ruling that the government had discriminated against indigenous peoples by using significantly less money to educate them than to educate other children. As a result, the court ordered compensation of approximately € 30,000 for each indigenous child.

Government originally intended to appeal the verdict. In the summer, however, the Canadian government came under public pressure when it became clear that more than 1,100 unmarked graves had been found in the vicinity of the school homes. Indigenous children who had died for various reasons in the harsh conditions of the school home had been buried in the graves.

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Until 1996, Canada had a system in which indigenous children were separated from their families and sent to school homes. Most of the school homes were run by Catholic churches. The purpose of the system was to melt indigenous children into Canadian society.

In school homes, many children were exposed to malnutrition, violence, and communicable diseases.

Government is expected to formally confirm the payment of compensation today Tuesday. The compensation is intended to settle the 2016 lawsuit, two other related lawsuits, and to fund longer-term reforms related to the welfare of indigenous children, the BBC reports.

A total of an estimated 150,000 children participated in an indigenous education system that ran from 1874 to 1996,

The action traumatizes indigenous peoples and their children for generations. The children were forced to abandon their mother tongue and convert to Christianity.

“Money is not the same as justice, but it does send a message that we are on the path to recovery,” said the Indigenous RoseAnne Archibald said the BBC.

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“The size of the proposed compensation package shows how many of our children were torn apart from their families and communities.

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