Basketball | Lauri Markkanen breaks records that you wouldn’t think existed – these 6 records have been broken by the Finnish star

on NBA floors a sparkling basketball star Lauri Markkanen set yet another record this week, when the Finn hit a basket from behind the three-point arc in the early moments of the match against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Kolmonen succeeded Markkanes in the 37th game in a row. It wasn’t new and amazing, but North American sports culture loves statistics and records.

Statistics can also be skilfully dug using search methods, as in Markkanen’s case. And so a new marker was found.

“A new record for three-pointers made by a seven-foot (about 213 centimeters tall) player in consecutive games,” Markkanen’s team Utah Jazz tweeted.

Jazz reported the record in parentheses to show that it wasn’t the greatest achievement of all, but a record nonetheless.

Statistics withdrawals most often tell about top performances. Sometimes the statistics tell more about the player’s merits, sometimes about the party that dug up the statistics. Often the statistical rows are strictly limited, sometimes the columns are combined.

At the beginning of January, Markkanen was promoted first emerged as the only player to reach 70 dunks and 70 three-pointers in the season.

A couple of days later, Markkanen was considered the NBA’s most effective player among players who took at least 18 possessions per game. Behind Markkanen were, among other things, multiple NBA star players Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic.

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Markkanen improves his own records day after day. Against Portland, Markkanen played the seventeenth consecutive game in which he scored at least 20 points.

Markkanen already broke the Finns’ NBA points record in his debut season in 2017–18. Hanno Möttölän the long-standing record of 715 points was shattered almost exactly five years ago. Markkanen, who scored 1,139 points this season, has already beaten his previous record for points in one season (1,033).

The Finnish NBA record, which improves game by game, is currently recorded at 5,478.

The superstar potential was already visible in 2018, when Markkanen made his 100th successful three-pointer in his 41st game. No one had bowled a hundred threes so quickly before.

Lauri Markkanen throws from behind the three-point arc with incredible accuracy.

Today Markkanen broke his new point record right after the turn of the year, when in a sensational match against Houston, he scored an astounding 49 points.

Statistical service Optan according to the performance was historic by the standards of the entire NBA since the start of statistics on turnovers (in the 1977–78 season): Markkanen scored the most points without losing the ball once, without fouling at all and without missing from the free throw line.

So Markkanen played practically a perfect basketball game.

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Markkanen’s shooting hand was so hot at the time that he became the first NBA player ever to sink at least 12 free throws in three consecutive games without missing a throw.

The weird ones along with the statistics, it’s worth remembering that Markkanen’s incredible season is no fluke. of the NBA on the website an article was published on Thursday in which Markkanen was really prominently noted.

There are 294 NBA players who played at least 25 games last season and this season. Of them, Markkanen has increased his point average per game the most (14.8 -> 24.8).

Markkanen is also number one out of 300 players in the overall performance statistics. He has improved the most of all players in the statistics that take into account points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

“Markkanen is at the top of the list, and looks like the clear favorite to win the Most Improved Player award,” the NBA weekly article praises.

Lauri Markkanen’s donks are angrier than before.

At the beginning of January, with the season halfway through, as many as 53 percent of journalists chose Markkanen to win the most developed player award. There were 30 basketball journalists on the NBA board.

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By far Markkanen, 25, who is having the best season of his career, has scored 24.5 points and grabbed 8.7 rebounds per game this season. Both are his career highs.

If the stars are in a favorable position, Markkanen’s wonderful moves will be taken into account in the selection for the NBA’s all-star game. The All-Star Game will be played in Salt Lake City on February 19th and the teams will be announced next week on February 2nd.

The all-star match would naturally be a new record. Markkanen would be the first Finn to make it to the star game.

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