Baltic Sea The Navy plans to clear the wreckage of a ship that sank 40 years ago in the Archipelago Sea during a diving operation

The drainage operation, which lasts about two weeks, is part of a water protection program. There are more than a thousand old wrecks in Finnish territorial waters that can pose a risk to the environment.

Navy launches a diving operation in the Archipelago Sea with the aim of draining the fuel tanks of the wreck of the Beatris. The wreck will be a potential source of oil spills in the near future, says Ministry of the Environment.

The motor ship Beatris sank in November 1981 on the back of Iniƶ. The steel 40-meter cargo ship had crushed cargo as it passed. In a diving operation, crushed stone that has fallen on the vessel must be pumped out before the tanks can be drilled.

The two-week mission begins at sea on Thursday. The operation’s support vessel is the Navy’s oil spill response vessel Halli.

The water protection program coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment identifies wrecks in the Baltic Sea in Finnish territorial waters that are thought to pose a risk of oil spills. To date, the program has removed hazardous substances from three different risk shelves.

Finland According to the estimates of the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), there are more than a thousand old wrecks in Finnish territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone that have been fueled by oil or have been loaded with oil or other hazardous substances. Of these, an estimated twenty are high-risk wrecks, meaning they are rusting through or located near important or sensitive natural sites.

Oblique echo image of Beatris wreck.

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