Athletics | Topi Parviainen, 15, who broke 80 meters in the Sweden match, revealed how far the men’s javelin has flown in training

Topi Parviainen threw for the youth European champion in July. He may still throw the men’s javelin in competition this season.

In the Sweden match this year saw one 80-meter javelin arc even before the adult matches started.

Top Parviainen, 15, raced to 81.19 with his last javelin throw. Parviainen won the boys’ javelin overwhelmingly, as Sweden, who threw second Viktor Lögdahl the result was 65.08.

Parviainen was still not completely satisfied.

“I could have gotten better at throwing everything in general. The technique was wrong in the first three with a little speed. I didn’t really get a good grip on the spears. I threw the last two with a different spear, I got a better grip on it,” said Parviainen.

Swarm girl threw a good three meters further at the European Youth Championships in July. With the result of 84.52, not only was the European championship, but also a European record in the under-18 series, even though Parviainen will not turn 16 until later this year.

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“After the European Championships, there was a little bit of relaxation or vacation for a couple of weeks. I still aimed for the junior championships and from there to here. Tried to get in shape for this race as well.”

For the first year, Parviainen attends the sports line of Joensuu joint school’s high school. It enables, for example, morning exercises.

In the parviainen age group, they still throw with a 700-gram spear, i.e. with a tool 100 grams lighter than the men’s spear. Parviainen hopes that next season the 80-meter throws will be routine performances with his own equipment.

The coach of the promise is a father Mika Parviainen, who threw more than 80 meters in his career. Uncle Aki Parviainen we remember both the Finnish record, 93.09, and the 1999 world championship.

Top Parviainen says that when he sees Aki, the conversation usually turns to javelin throwing. The javelin promise gets tips from his uncle, but some of the common topics the two talk about concern the world champion’s career.

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“I ask what he has done. I’m interested in how his own career went, and what all that has included.”

Topi Parviainen has set his own goals high.

“The goal is to do well in the qualifiers. Let’s aim for the long haul.”

Men’s there is still time for series competitions, but already this summer Topi Parviainen may be seen throwing the men’s javelin. We might get a taste of that as early as next Wednesday in Joensuu, if the recovery from the Sweden match goes well.

“If I can throw, 75 meters can be crossed with the men’s javelin,” says Parviainen.

“I have been throwing one hard throw in the men’s javelin this summer. We measured the result for fun, it was over 71 meters, even though I still threw from behind the line at the end of practice. If it remains intact, even men’s spears can fly.”

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