Annual General Meetings The working group proposes to enable remote meetings of companies

The proposed amendment to the law would allow meetings to be held completely at a distance.

Ministry of Justice set up by the working group to propose a law that would allow remote meetings of companies, the Ministry of Justice informs.

The change in the law would facilitate the use of the remote participation option in general meetings and cooperative meetings. It would also allow meetings to be held completely remotely and without a venue.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the goal is to improve the opportunities for shareholders to attend meetings.

Corona epidemic A temporary law has been in force during the period, which has, among other things, allowed meetings to be held entirely at a distance in listed companies.

According to the proposal of the working group, the general meetings of limited companies and housing companies and cooperative meetings held entirely remotely would require that all participants have full participation rights during the meeting and that the meeting is governed by the articles of association or bylaws.

The report of the working group is now in the opinion. The new regulations are due to take effect at the end of next July.

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