Accidents | A 14-year-old cyclist has died from injuries he received in a traffic accident in Laitila

A 14-year-old boy who crashed with a truck in Laitila has died from his injuries in the accident.

In lay-by mode A 14-year-old cyclist who was involved in a serious traffic accident on Monday has died of his injuries in hospital, as stated in the police bulletin.

Accident happened between a truck and a cyclist. The truck driver had started to pass the cyclist on Ukintie in Laitila at around 12:30, when the cyclist had veered towards the center of the lane for an unknown reason.

The cyclist, a 14-year-old boy, hit the front of the truck and was seriously injured. About a day after the accident, the police announced that the cyclist had died.

Southwestern Finland’s police continue to investigate the case, finding out whether the truck driver was guilty of endangering traffic safety and causing death.

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