Volleyball Lauri Kerminen, who celebrated the Russian championship, is absent from the national team in Estonian matches

Finland announced the team for two matches in Estonia on Monday.

Volleyball Star Liberal, winner of the Russian championship in the Dinamo Moscow shirt Lauri Kerminen is absent from the Finnish national team for this week’s matches in Estonia.

Volleyball Association announced In Salo on Thursday and on Friday the national team selected for Monday, and the name of the 29-year-old Kerminen is not on the list. The union did not give a reason for Kerminen’s absence.

Represented by Kerminen, Dinamo celebrated his country’s volleyball championship last week. Kerminen posted to his Instagram account pictureposing with a championship trophy.

“Third time,” he wrote, adding the topic Champion to the publication.

Kerminen received a lot of negative and sub-style feedback on its publication. He removed the comments just as quickly and can no longer comment on the post.

Kermi, who has played in Russia since 2015, as well as other Western athletes, has been heavily criticized for staying in Russia after the country launched a full-scale offensive war in Ukraine.

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Finland selected a group of 17 players for the Estonian matches. The national team has been honing their spirits in Kuortane for a couple of weeks, and the Akseli Lankinen, Joonas Jokela and Aaro Nikula are now included.

Lankinen played for the past season in Belgium, Jokela in the Netherlands and Nikula in Portugal. Niko Suihkonen continue to play in France.

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