Veikkaus income | Sote organizations are now demanding extra money if cultural cuts are canceled: “We demand equal treatment”

Veikkaus grants distributed through the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) will decrease by approximately EUR 30 million next year, Minister of Social Affairs and Health Hanna Sarkkinen (left) told STT.

Betting revenues Of the beneficiaries, social and health organizations, which number more than 11,000 in Finland, have received little attention in the recent funding debate.

The social and health (Soste) association, which represents them, calls for fair treatment of the organizations.

If the government now reverses the financial cuts it has already decided for next year, for example on culture and art, the same should be done for the sote side cuts, Soste says.

The “cuts” are about the fact that the government agreed last spring to compensate only 80% of the reduction in Veikkaus’ gambling revenues for the beneficiaries.

Veikkaus grants distributed through the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) will decrease by approximately EUR 30 million next year, Minister of Social Affairs and Health Hanna Sarkkinen (left) said to BTI.

Sarkkinen does not comment on whether the reduction in the support pot should be fully compensated.

Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) would mean a reduction of around 43 million compared to this year.

When the Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday the Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvisen led by a (middle) more detailed surgery targeting list, awoke to others representatives of governing parties cancel them, that is, talk about up to 100% compensation.

Chairman of the Left Alliance, Minister of Education Li Andersson (left) was already previously retired cancellation of financial reductions in the cultural sector. Additional money was also found for the police after the police threatened collective bargaining.

“We demand equal treatment. It cannot be the case that organizations working on behalf of the sickest and poorest members of society now suffer, ”says Secretary General of Sosten. Vertti Kiukas To HS.

Kiukas points out that even EUR 30 million is a significant reduction, even though this year’s starting amount is about EUR 362 million.

The easing of the monetary situation may be brought about by the fact that there are also transitional items and old funds on the sote side to repair the economy.

“I find it clear that some organizations may have not spent money due to the pandemic even when, for example, subsidized holidays have not been taken. On the other hand, mental health organizations have been extremely burdened, ”says Kiukas.

“We also have a lobbying and communication backlog here,” Kiukas admits, as there is no exact target list for the reductions yet.

Anyway, the way gambling revenues are distributed to social organizations is different than in culture, sports and youth work. In December, the Center for the Assistance of Social and Health Organizations (STEA) under the Ministry of Education and Science will make a presentation on how the requested grants will be distributed.

Veikkaus 53% of the proceeds will be used to support the activities of the beneficiaries under the OKM and 43% under the STM. The rest is support for equestrian sports distributed through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Last year, 934 organizations applied for STM grants to more than 2,000 destinations. The application amount was EUR 378 million.

Grants were distributed to, among other things, disability work, homelessness care and patient organizations. The current target was the hard-to-employ young people and the partially able-bodied.

Kiukas points out that the distribution of SOTE subsidies is more non-political than in the Ministry of Education, as STEA is an independent state aid authority.

Sote organizations the spectrum is wide, from the Finnish Red Cross to small local associations.

The broadest sectors are child protection, illness and injury, pensioners, prevention of exclusion and the promotion of health and well-being.


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