United States Ten people were injured in Pittsburgh, USA when the bridge collapsed

The accident happened just hours before the country’s president, Joe Biden, was scheduled to visit the city to talk about infrastructure.

Ten people have been slightly injured after the bridge collapsed in the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA. Three of the injured have been hospitalized, authorities say. The matter was reported, among other things Reuters and BBC.

An accident in a city in Pennsylvania on Friday morning happened when a city bridge covered in snow collapsed. The reason is suspected to be the poor condition of the bridge.

An eyewitness to the incident described the collapse of the Kdka television channel as sounding like a “snow plow”.

Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones said the collapse had caused a huge natural gas leak that had temporarily led to the evacuation of local families from their homes until the leak was repaired.

Accident happened just a few hours earlier before the country’s president Joe Biden was to visit the city to talk about infrastructure.

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Biden’s trip came to fruition, and the president visited the scene of the accident along with the mayor of Pittsburgh Ed Gaineyn with, reports Reuters.

According to the news media, the case can be considered a good example of the poor state of the country’s infrastructure. The country’s aging bridges and highways are in particular need of refurbishment.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are 3,198 bridges in the state of Pennsylvania alone that are classified as poor.

Joe Biden and Mayor Ed Gainey at the scene.

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