Twelve cylinders with manual transmission: these are 11!

Yes, the twelve-cylinder with manual transmission. 12 pits and still stir yourself. In the past that was still possible.

Last week the Pagani Utopia came out of a box like a devil! This car was built by the participants of the Talpa program of the same name. There are of course some parallels between John de Mol’s television program and Pagani’s products. Both cost a fortune to build and the number of actual customers is very low. hahahahaha. Johan Derksen will now be very angry with us because his boss is being pulled through the mangle.

Anyway, it is a special phenomenon: twelve cylinders with a manual gearbox. In luxury cars the V12 is often coupled to an automatic transmission and in supercars sequential transmissions are much more popular, but not much nicer!

Nevertheless, a few have been built. We will go through part of it with you on this Monday evening. This time we focused on the cars where it is actually quite special that there is a manual gearbox. You can always mention all 90s supercars such as the Isdera Commendatore 112i, Lister Storm, McLaren F1, Ferrari F50 and the like in the comments!

Jaguar XJ-S


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

The Jaguar XJ-S is a special GT that has never really been well understood. A bit like the Porsche 928 from Jaguar. Very special, but the purists preferred the older model. At Porsche they continued to build the 911, but Jaguar stopped with the E-Type. The XJ-S was initially only available with a 5.3 liter V12 that mainly produced a lot of alcohol and a little torque. The manual transmission was a remnant of its predecessor, the Mk3 Jaguar E-Type.

You could get those with a manual gearbox and Jaguar had some lying around. When these manual gearboxes were used up, the V12 always got an automatic. Manual XJ-S’s were later added, but those were six-cylinder. And it concerns twelve cylinders with manual transmission.

Lamborghini LM002


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

That Lamborghini does build the Urus and not a modern version of it is incomprehensible. Of course, the (get it) Mercedes GLE Coupé sells very well, but the G-Class is more popular in some regions. The LM002 is actually a failed project that Lamborghini has tried to make the most of.

The Lamborghini LM002 was standard equipped with a 5.2 V12 (Bizzarrini design), but a 7.2 could also be chosen if desired. That engine came from the infamous powerboats for which Lamborghini also built engines. How cool is that? And not only with manual transmission, also with low gearing.

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BMW 850Ci (E31)


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

What, not even the M8 or 850CSI? Yes, yes, we know those versions of the BMW 8 Series and we have mentioned them here. But did you know that the standard 850i also had a manual gearbox as standard? The E31 was not the most sporty coupé, but a large heavy Gran Tourer. An automatic is very suitable for this.

However, you had to order it initially. Because nobody really seemed to choose the manual gearbox, BMW made the automatic transmission as standard. Initially, the car was called 850i. In 1994 it was renamed 850Ci, later the E46 Coupé and E62 Coupé were also equipped with a ‘Ci’ badge.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (F-137)


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

Today this type of Ferrari no longer exists. The four-seat twelve-cylinder Ferraris have been succeeded by a crossover. blasphemy. The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is one of the cheaper ways to drive a modern Ferrari. The playboys choose the V8 mid-engine Ferraris and the seniors have long since switched to SUVs. The Scaglietti is a very practical car by Ferrari standards.

The back seat is a bit difficult in terms of entry, but secretly there is quite a bit of space. All Scaglietti’s have a 5.7 V12 with 540 hp under the hood, the last of the F133 series, from the 1990s. In most cases with an F1 transmission, but there are copies delivered with manual transmission. Those are of course the most fun to track down.

Ferrari 599 GTB (F-141)


In addition to the four-seat V12 models, Ferrari also has the sportier GTs with V12. A manual gearbox was also possible with the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano for a long time, but almost no one chose because of this. Everyone wanted the Schumacher transmission, of course. Admittedly, the F1 Superfast transmission was particularly good for its kind. Upshifts went smoothly, downshifts were lightning fast.

In the end, there were 30 purists who realized that a manual transmission was much more epic. Of these, 20 ended up in the US, the rest in Europe. After the 599 GTB, Ferrari no longer made twelve-cylinder manual gearboxes. A 599 GTB with manual gearbox yields double that of a regular model. Unlike the 612, the 599 has the F160 from the Ferrari Enzo, so they are essentially different cars that happen to have similarities on paper. The bottom plate is shared by the cars.

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 SV


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

Lamborghini is a brilliant brand. For years they only built twelve cylinders with manual transmission. The Countach, Miura, Diablo, 350GT and so on: all a V12 where you even had to stir. With the Lamborghini Murciélago you had the choice. There was a manual or an ‘E-Gear’ transmission. In principle also a manual gearbox, but then robotised. At the time, everyone wanted those ‘Schalten wie Schumi’ transmissions, which put a lot of pressure on sales of the manual gearbox.

Lamborghini, however, did offer it for a long time, until 2011. The version with e-gear was produced a little longer. The manual LP670s are very special. Initially they were only available with E-Gear, but six were built with a manual gearbox. The Aventador is only available with paddle shifters.

Pagani Zonda 760 LH


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

This Pagani is a bit of a tricky one. Because the Utopia has a manual gearbox, but the Huayra is known for always having the automatic transmission. The Huayra has been in production since 2012, so there was some overlap. In many cases, all those Pagani Zonda specials are conversion projects. A customer brings a C12, S or F and then Pagani turns it into a unique work of art.

However, the ‘760’ series is completely new and built from parts that they probably still had in the warehouse. At a restaurant you get a big discount, but not here. Five copies for the main prize went out. One was sold to Lewis Hamilton, hence the ‘LH’ in the name.

Photo credits: @defriezencrew via Autoblog Spots.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

At Aston Martin, the V12 is a fairly modern engine. They have only been delivered since 1999. You could get the DB7 with an old-fashioned four-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. The robotic container was introduced at De Vanquish. That thing was so mediocre, that you can still convert your V12 Vanquish to a manual gearbox! But the coolest Aston Martin (the V12 Vantage) also has a manual gearbox.

Initially, only the Sportshift III transmission was available with the Vantage S. Only at the end of the career of this model, 100 copies with manual transmission were built of this twelve-cylinder, only for the American market. In 2016 it is very special that Aston Martin once again reverted to the manual gearbox. The V12 Vantage AMR and the ‘Sport Plus Pack’ also had the manual transmission, as did the V600 run-out edition. Autoblog reader @banderas (who recently also owns an Aston Martin) now knows what his next car will be.

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Aston Martin Victor


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

One! They made one of them. The Aston Martin Victor is one of those cars that you see more often on the internet than in real life. The idea behind the car is great. It’s an Aston Martin Vulcan, but with a body that has to hark back to the ’80s Aston Martins.

There is only one (did we mention that?), and it is painted in the only correct color: dark green. It owes its name to Victor Gauntlett, the boss of Aston Martin from the 1970s when Aston Martin was an extremely cool (and unpopular) brand.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.33


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

If anyone is a purist, it’s Gordon Murray. In principle, he thinks in twelve-cylinder with manual transmission. His McLaren F1 was also built according to that principle. In the 90s, that was also the best solution if you wanted a fast supercar.

Nowadays it is a very rare application, but in the Gordon Murray T.50 the manual gearbox is making a comeback. For Murray, the V12 was the only possible correct engine to combine a lot of torque and power with a nice sound and direct throttle response. The T.50 always has the X-Trac manual gearbox, with the T.33 an automatic transmission is also possible. Fortunately, a manual gearbox is still the standard.

Pagani Utopia


twelve cylinders with manual transmission

Yes, so this one too! That there is a new car from Pagani is in itself very special. That this one has a V12 as well. But that the manual gearbox has returned, that is very special. The manual gearbox is interesting for a smaller group of people. After all, everyone wants the vending machine.