Tourism Booking site Trivago: Hotel reservations for Christmas and New Year are now being canceled worldwide

According to the company, the reason for the cancellations is growing concern about the consequences of the own variant.

Worry the coronavirus omicron variant and possible new travel restrictions have led to a spike in hotel cancellations.

Hotel search engine and booking system Trivago said on Tuesday that bookings made for Christmas and New Year are now being canceled around the world.

Trivago’s cancellation rates have risen 35 percent since November, according to Reuters news agency. In addition, the planning of holidays at the turn of the year was also declining, according to the company.

In addition to the decrease in tourism, the cancellation of hotel reservations is also affected by canceled public events.

Trivago according to users are now looking for resorts mainly in their home countries. For example, Americans head to Las Vegas and New York, according to the company.

“Just like last year, domestic tourism is again the most popular option when people want to meet their family and relatives at Christmas,” Trivago says in a statement.

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The omicron variant has already led some states to tighten their travel restrictions and change the testing practices required of passengers.

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