Television | Samir Karahoda is the hope of a Kosovo film

The Serbian regime banned filmmaking even before the Kosovo war, and there have been no opportunities to do so since.

New Cinema has spotted a director who has quickly gained international fame with two shorts. Kosovo Samir Karahodan Adjacent houses (2019) premiered in Berlin and Without a place (2021) in Cannes.

The Serbian regime banned the making of films even before the war in Kosovo (1996-1999), and there have been no more opportunities since then. Karahoda (b. 1977) worked as a photographer at the age of 15 and wanted to shoot rather than direct films. He ended up directing to get something done.

In the wake of the war, about a third of Kosovars live abroad. Document Adjacent houses tells of two fathers who build houses so that the children return from the world. Without a place is based on friends of Karahoda who have been trying to keep the ping pong alive in Kosovo for 15 years.

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New Cinema: Without seats and Adjacent houses, Theme from 0.36 and Yle Areena.

A short documentary Adjacent Houses tells of two fathers who are building houses for the children to return home from the world to Kosovo.

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