Television review Ten Percent is a fun British version of the French Agent Success series, but there are only a few big stars

Ten Percent is as fast as its role model but not as sharp. It has also been influenced by the Yes BBC Comedy series.

French comedy series Agents has been a big success with Netflix, and no wonder, because the idea is already great. The protagonists of the series work in the agents ’office of the actors, and under the guise of being able to hire the right star for each episode, who is like a customer of the agents in the series.

Among other things, the French series was visited Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche and borrowed from Hollywood Sigourney Weaver. The joke is that even the viewer gets to peek into the lives of the real stars, although of course they are also involved as actors, ie in written roles.

At its best the stars get to show how they stretch to their self-irony. It is Binoche and Huppert who are the masters.

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At the same time, however, the series portrays the whole industry nicely, sometimes painfully but mostly with rotten humor. The agent office regulates both work matters and interpersonal clutter at a wild, almost hysterical pace.

Now for the series the format has also been sold to Britain, where it fits naturally. The British also have their own international stars, and the twists and turns of the industry are of interest to the general public. English name Ten Percent is the same as the French Dix pour cent or ten percent. It refers to the share of deals received by agents.

If you have watched the French series, the key events in the British version are known in advance, as they follow the original very closely.

In the first episode Jim Broadbenta real star he too, plays the office owner for a moment, Richard Nightingale, but then a heart attack takes him to the grave, and Jonathan’s son (Jack Davenport) suddenly becomes the boss. Jonathan is therefore in charge of Mathia of the French.

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Camille Cottinin played by Andréa in the British series Lydia Leonardin starring Rebecca. Gabriel is answered by Dan (Prasanna Puwanarajah), Jonathan’s secret daughter Misha (Hiftu Quasem).

The star of the first episode is a Scottish actor Kelly Macdonaldand the following sections will visit, among other things Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West and Emma Corrin. Macdonald drifts or rather drives into an age crisis, West gets frustrated in the role of modern Hamlet.

Ten percent is as fast as its role model but not as sharp. There has been little influence, at least on the British own Yes, the BBC does comedy series and its meetings.

The entertainment value is, of course, diluted by the fact that the agents ’own stories are already familiar. That’s why the expectations are on the British own stars, and at least in the first season will miss even more bigger names.

Ten Percent, Prime Video. Agents, Netflix.

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