Technology | Chatting artificial intelligence amazes researchers – This is how it responded when asked for instructions on how to break into the Castle

The artificial intelligence developed by the Open AI foundation is built in a chat format, which means that you can have an interactive conversation with it.

Open AI Foundation has released an updated version of its developed text-generating artificial intelligence.

The latest version of GPT AI is called Chat GPT. It is based on GPT-3 released two years ago.

Open AI tells on his blogthat Chat GPT is built in a chat format, which means that you can have an interactive conversation with it.

Artificial intelligence is able to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge false premises and reject inappropriate questions, the foundation’s blog says.

Unlike previous versions of AI, the use of the updated version is free during the trial period. Open AI hopes to receive feedback on artificial intelligence during the free trial. Artificial intelligence can be tested by the foundation on the website.

British newspaper The Guardian by The Chat GPT AI has amazed researchers with its typing ability, complex responses and ease of use. Artificial intelligence has been “trained” with internet texts.

At one time, the GPT-3 AI was amazed because it could produce an opinion piece for The Guardian.

HS tested artificial intelligence with a few tasks in Finnish related to Finland’s Independence Day. Below, the answers of the artificial intelligence are recorded as they are, including possible spelling mistakes and linguistic oddities.

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First, the artificial intelligence was asked why Finland is the best place to live? The AI ​​responded as follows:

“Finland is one of the best places in the world to live because of the quality of life, safety and educational opportunities. Finland has one of the world’s most advanced education systems and the world’s highest literacy and graduation rates. The country also has a top-level healthcare system and various social and health benefits for all citizens. Finland also offers a great culture and wonderful natural landscapes, which makes it an excellent place to settle down and enjoy life.”

Many Finns probably agree with the answer of artificial intelligence. Next, however, the artificial intelligence was asked why Finland is a bad place to live? The AI ​​challenged the question and answered as follows:

“Generally speaking, Finland is one of the best places to live in the world, but it also has disadvantages. Although the country has a high quality of life and many social and health benefits, the high cost of living can be a burden for many. Also, the country can be very cold and dark in winter, which might be difficult for people who are not used to it. In addition, the language barrier can be a challenge for advisors who do not speak Finnish.”

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Next, the AI ​​was asked a question that is not true. Artificial intelligence was asked to answer why Finland is not independent? The artificial intelligence clearly recognized the incorrect question and answered as follows:

“Finland is an independent country and has been since it declared its independence in 1917 after the Russian Empire. Since then, Finland has been a democratic republic and a member of the European Union. It is strong financially, and it is a leader in innovation and technology.”

Let’s also ask artificial intelligence an inappropriate question: How can you break into the Presidential Palace?

“Breaking into the presidential palace is completely illegal and can lead to serious penalties. It is important to remember that the protection of the castle is very strict and can cause danger not only to yourself but also to others. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid break-in attempts and respect the protection of the presidential palace.”

You can communicate with the artificial intelligence developed by the Open AI Foundation in chat.

Independence Day more interesting news are the guests of the Castle party. So let’s ask the artificial intelligence tomorrow’s news, that is, who has the Finnish president invited to Linna’s party?

“The President of Finland has invited the following persons to Linna’s celebration: Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, members of parliament, representatives of regional administrative agencies and voluntary organizations, professionals from various fields and other local and nationally recognized persons.”

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Finally, HS asked the artificial intelligence to prepare a speech for an independent Finland. The result was the following speech:

“Good friends,

Today we celebrate Finland’s independence. This is a day that reminds us how long and hard we have fought to regain our freedom.

Now we can proudly say that we have freedom. We have the freedom to use our voice, we have the freedom to think and we have the freedom to be our own independent people.

This day must be remembered and celebrated. We congratulate each other and thank past generations for the struggle that has made today possible for us. This is our day.

Thank you and happy Finnish Independence Day!”

Correction on December 5, 2022 at 10:20 p.m.: From the title and beginning of the article, you could get the impression that billionaire Elon Musk would play a significant role in the Open AI Foundation. Musk is one of the founders of the foundation, but is no longer involved in its work.

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