Teachers have a lofty mission to advance societies

The United Arab Emirates participates with the countries of the world in the “World Teachers’ Day”, which falls on the fifth of October each year, because they are the key to renaissance and sustainability, and they are a torch that illuminates the path of our students in building capabilities and skills, and they are the first pillar of building enlightened societies based on Ethics and values ​​in the urbanization industry, and the pursuit of excellence and leadership. Since the founding of the state by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, teachers have paid great attention and support, as they have been provided with all forms of care and have obtained all their human and professional rights, with great concern that they and their families enjoy a decent and stable life. The interest is not limited to teachers within the country only, but also expanded to teachers in the region and the world, for example, there is the “Mohammed bin Zayed Award for the best Gulf teacher”, the “International Teacher Award”, and other awards that reflect a modern philosophy, based on enriching The educational process, according to the best educational practices.

The rational leadership of the state has viewed teachers as having a lofty mission seeking to advance in the education sector, accompanied by their responsibility to enhance students’ academic level, instill virtuous values ​​in their souls, enhance positive citizenship in them, and beacon to qualitative change and sustainable progress, which is what motivated the adoption of Legislation, policies, plans and strategies that advance educational practices and enhance educational outcomes that create leadership generations, armed with the best knowledge and the latest skills, and contribute to a knowledge economy based on innovation and advanced technology techniques, which make exceptional leaps in the paths of sustainable development renaissance.

In the same way that the UAE seeks to secure all the elements of well-being and rights for teachers, as they are role models and have the greatest role in building minds, it is keen to ensure their competencies and obtain a license that enables them to practice their noble profession, which requires the availability of qualitative capabilities and expertise to them, improving performance Students, and give them the skills that make them able to anticipate challenges and devise tools to keep pace with future changes.

The consistency of the UAE’s policies with the UN recommendations regarding the situation of teachers, specifically with regard to their preparation, employment and provision of appropriate working conditions for them, has made teachers of the region and the world aspire to work in our state’s educational institutions, and they guarantee that they will obtain all their rights, and become true partners in formulating educational policies and programs Education, according to rules based on fueling the spirit of competition, supporting the educational field and encouraging it to achieve excellence.

On the “News of the Hour” bulletin issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research


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