Survey Is helpfulness your superpower or have you suffered from an excessive desire to please? Answer the HS survey

Putting the needs of others constantly at the forefront can be detrimental both in working life and in human relationships. However, the desire to help others can also bring a lot of good when it comes. Answer the survey and tell us about your own experiences.

Does it feel about you not being able to say anything? Do you shy away from conflicts and prefer to adapt to the wishes of others? Has your selflessness grown to such proportions that you suffer from it yourself?

Or do you think, on the contrary, that we live in an overly self-centered culture where you want to consciously act differently?

Kindness and wanting good for other people are valuable traits. However, for some people, the need to please others can roll over their own needs and desires.

Kindness can be seen as following other people’s opinions, avoiding situations of conflict, apologizing, passing on and serving others, and feeling guilty about one’s own needs.

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Excessive pleasure may be due to the need to be accepted and the fear of being rejected.

HS does story on the subject. Participate in the story by sharing your own experiences, for example, in a relationship, family life or work life.

You can tell in a survey about your current or past stage of life.

Comments from respondents who have left their contact information may be used in the article as unidentified. In addition, the supplier may contact those respondents who have given permission.

We do not publish contact information, but the principle of HS is that the identity of the people quoted in the story must be known to the editor.

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