Snooker | Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan went nervous – a special kick-off brought a surprising result

O’Sullivan suffered a crushing defeat in the qualifiers for the German Masters tournament.

Snooker one of the biggest stars Ronnie O’Sullivan ran into unexpected problems in the qualifiers for the German Masters tournament.

O’Sullivan, third on the world list, faced Iran Hossan Vafaein, which ranks 60th on the same list.

However, Vafaei did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out.

After four lost rounds, O’Sullivan already looked quite frustrated and started the fifth round in a very special way.

Normally players hit so that the white cue ball hits the edge of a triangle formed slightly of red balls and then returns to the cue head.

O’Sullivan, on the other hand, hit the ball hard to make it 1 – 0.

He was already stepping into his own chair as one red roll happily into the corner bag.

Despite a lucky start, O’Sullivan lost the fifth set reading 24-73 and the whole match bluntly scored 0-5.

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