Skiing Niko Anttola skied World Championship silver under the age of 20: “I knew it was possible to take the medal today”

19-year-old Anttola defeated Russian Alexander Ivchin by 0.8 seconds.

Finland Niko Anttola skied silver on Friday in the 10-kilometer traditional cross-country start race at the World Championships for under-20s in Lygna, Norway.

Anttola, 19, missed Russia after winning the race Savelij Highlighting 21.4 seconds away and defeated Russia in third place Aleksandr Ivšinin In 0.8 seconds.

“It was a pretty heavy track. At the beginning, I tried to start the first long ascent with a little surface gas, so that there will be strength for the second round as well, ”Anttola repeated in the Ski Association’s press release.

“I finished the second round still well. I knew it was possible to take the medal today. ”

World Cup medal is the second career career for Anttola. He won silver at the World Championships in Vuokatti last February.

“Yes, personal [mitali] is always personal, ”said Anttola.

Among other Finns, a three-time World Championship medalist in the home competitions a year ago Alexander Ståhlberg was the 28th on friday, Iiro Uusitalo 33: s and Konsta Mäntyvaara 42: s.

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Women under the age of 20 skied a 5-kilometer race that ended in Russia Elizaveta Bekiševan to victory. Russian Daria Nepryaeva was second and Norwegian Emma Kirkeberg Mørk third.

Elsa Torvinen was 13th, Wind Raunio 18: s, Fanny Kukonlehto 30: s and Peppi Leppälä 34: s.

Finland has now won two medals in the Norwegian World Ski Championships. Arsi Ruuskanen won the 15-year-old World Championship under the age of 23 on Thursday.

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