Skiing Harri Kirvesniemi praised Iivo Niskanen’s tactical playing eye and assessed what kind of opponent Aleksandr Bolshunov is on the Finn’s main journey: “Extremely dangerous”

According to Kirvesniemi, the expectations of Finns for success in skiing have been met more and more.

Iivo Niskasen bronze skiing was a skiing expert for Sanoma’s race editorial office Harri Kirvesniemen feels great performance not only physically but also tactically.

“I wouldn’t have believed the medal at the point when the first pictures came from the start of the free leg, and Alexander Bolshunov had immediately escaped. But everyone else was shockingly tight too, ”says Kirvesniemi.

The reason for this phenomenon was found, among other things, the slow weather and the fact that skiing at an altitude of about 1,700 meters.

“It was just as it could be in such conditions and in those terrains when they had to ski at a traditional pace. There was no one there to start the machine. ”

Kirvesniemi estimates that Niskanen, who was the first to leave, was hard after the traditional part.

“Iivo has never been the best transition from traditional to free in skiathlon. In general, the transition to hoe technology is the most challenging. Faster technologies may still work. ”

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According to Kirvesniemi, Niskanen played the free part of the free section sensibly.

“He noted that Bolshunov’s pace is too much and he’s eager to wait for his own skiing to start to be found and the musculature to ease.”

Kirvesniemen In his eyes, Niskanen showed that he was in excellent condition for the main distance of 15 kilometers.

“There is not much else to think about this race other than that there will be a duel between Iivo and Bolshunov. Both probably kept their last traditional contributions in the barrel, but there is sure to be more to be given from both. Yes, Bolshunov is infinitely dangerous with 15 perts. There will be an interesting sample. ”

Kirvesniemi estimates that before that, Bolshunov will probably compete in the free sprint on Tuesday, inspired by the Olympic victory.

“After that, there will be two full days off, so Bolshunov will recover properly.”

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Neck more Kirvesniemi was surprised to fight for the seventh Perttu Hyvärinen performance.

“The canines are okay and so are the adjutants. I never would have thought that Perttu was in the top ten. He had technically insanely good skiing from the start, and he applied for such positions and knew that it was as easy to go here as anyone else at the top. ”

In Kirvesniemi’s opinion, the first two cross-country skiing competitions have provided more and more coverage for the success expectations of Finns.

“The Finns have succeeded in finishing, and we are currently very well on the map with the tools. I’m not sure if, for example, Norwegians are 100% on the map with skis, because leisure was especially surprising for them. ”

Kirvesniemi stated that this race gave the Norwegians something to think about anyway, because the best man finished fourth.

“It will be a shocking disappointment for Norwegians when the men’s Olympic Games do not become a medal.”

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