Skiing Aleksandr Bolshunov deleted criticized Soviet-themed photos from his Instagram account at the request of a ski sponsor

Bolshunov’s sponsorship agreement has so far been shelved.

Russian ski star Alexander Bolshunov on Tuesday, he removed from his Instagram account pictures of him posing in the 1980 Soviet race uniform.

Images and text “CCCP 1980” had been criticized before provocative because of the Ukrainian war, but the skier agreed to remove the pictures when his ski sponsor contacted him.

“We contacted him and explained that Rossignol is not in favor of such a post at all. He realized he had made a mistake he hadn’t really meant. He immediately removed his update, ”said Rossignol, Director of Competition and Sports Colin Barbé tells a Norwegian To TV2 by email.

TV 2 asked if the ski brand would stop sponsoring Bolshunov. According to Barbé, all Russian athletes have been shelved for sponsorship since March 1 so far.

Rossignolin according to Russian skiers are allowed to use the skis they already have, but no new ones will be sent.

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“Our shelves will be lifted when sports organizations allow them to compete again,” Rossignol told TV2.

According to Rossignol, they are working to help Ukrainian athletes continue their training by inviting athletes to France.

Bolshunov won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

The contact of the ski company with Bolshunov in Finland was reported earlier Evening News.

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