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Russia’s next Ukraine problem? Smartphones as Achilles heel – “Russians are pretty naive”

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Of: Marvin Ziegele


A destroyed Russian Army tank photographed in the Kyiv region. © Oleg Pereverzev/Imago Images

A mobile phone can be used anywhere. Also in the Ukraine war. There, however, it apparently creates an immense strategic disadvantage for the invaders from Russia.

Kyiv – Commanders in the US military have known for a long time that cell phones can be a major disadvantage in war. The US military news portal reports that soldiers’ mobile phone signals can be located in order to fire rockets at positions with pinpoint accuracy Task & Purpose. This is exactly what should now during the Ukraine conflict to have happened.

According to information from the portal, Ukrainian forces say they killed 12 Russian officers at the end of February – partly because the Russian military commanders used their mobile phones when the communication systems went down.

Ukraine war: Russian troops located via mobile network?

The background: When Russian troops enter the Ukraine invade, their mobile phones send out a roaming signal. That, in turn, connects to Ukraine’s cellphone network and allows Ukrainians to triangulate the whereabouts of Russians using the three nearest cellphone towers, according to Artem Starosiek, CEO of Molfar, an open-source intelligence community based in Kyiv opposite to Task & Purpose.

“Thus, the Ukrainian special services automatically receive information with the ID number of the device, the roaming number and, of course, the location of the person,” explained Starosiek. “Fortunately, Russians are quite naïve and ignorant of mobile devices, so they often call home, turn on their phones, and connect to Ukrainian stations.”

Why isn’t Russia destroying Ukraine’s cellular network?

If this strategy works, however, the question arises as to why Russia not focus its efforts on destroying Ukraine’s cellular network during the ongoing offensive if it poses a strategic threat to its troops.

But the answer seems simple. “It’s ridiculous, but that’s the way it is. Russians need 3G and 4G for their communication to work. They didn’t build independent communication networks like the Americans or the Chinese might have done,” said James Lewis, a technology expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Task & Purpose. Blockades in the cell phone network are said to have cost the lives of Russian generals. (marv)

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