Russian attack The Russian escape to Finland seems to be fading – Many head straight for the airport via Tikkurila

Allegro is switched directly to the airport train, but many say they are on their way to another homeland.

Finland more than 30,000 Russians have crossed the eastern border in the last three weeks. One in five of them has arrived in Finland from St. Petersburg by VR’s Allegro train.

Now there seems to be a slight decline in the number of passengers from Russia to Finland. At the beginning of March, the train brought well over 6,00 Russian passengers to Helsinki every day. Now the number has dropped to 4 00 every day near and below the passenger.

Some of them arrive in Helsinki by train, but some transfer directly to the local train to Tikkurila Airport in Vantaa and fly elsewhere. Tikkurila has become an important crossroads for Russian passengers heading directly to the airport.

On Monday At Tikkurila’s station, a small number of people unloaded from the train at the pier, almost all of whom applied for an I-train from the second track to the airport as quickly as possible.

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“The world situation doesn’t affect me traveling. It affects the way you travel, ”he said Vera.

He is Russian, but has lived in Germany for a long time. He didn’t want to say his last name because he said he didn’t trust the media.

Vera said she spent just three months in Russia because her mother is ill. Because of his mother, he would have loved to stay longer. He could no longer stay because he already had to return to his studies as a psychotherapist.

Normally he would have flown directly to Germany. Now the hook through Finland made me nervous.

“Because of the sanctions, I felt a great deal of uncertainty. It was really difficult to figure out what papers I needed and how the interest rate restrictions would work. ”

Vera said many of those who arrived on the same train seemed to be on their way to another home in the same way as she was. The same was said by other passengers briefly mentioned by HS: the destination was in Finland or Central Europe, where they already had a place of residence. No one said they were on their way to the unknown.

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Also According to Border Guard statistics, the majority of arrivals from Russia remain within the EU’s borders.

The number of Russians traveling from Helsinki outside the Schengen area has plummeted due to sanctions and restrictions on the use of airspace.

However, the Border Guard does not compile statistics on the number of passengers on domestic border flights between Finland and other Schengen countries. For this reason, the exact number of Russians heading for Europe cannot be known.

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