Russia Corona pandemic, accelerating repression and rising food prices – correspondent Jussi Niemelä’s last report of the season reminds that half of Russians get paid less than 400 euros a month

People in the center of Samara in the early evening. In the background is the Volga.

At the end of his season, HS’s Moscow correspondent Jussi Niemeläinen traveled to the banks of the Volga to see what Russia had to do as the pandemic worsened, oppression increased and food became more expensive.

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Jussi Niemeläinen HS


Ulyanovsk / Samara / Saratov

In Ulyanovsk they like to sing karaoke so that the song would easily continue into the morning.

However, it does not continue. In Russia, the coronavirus epidemic continues. So the karaoke club Solo has to close its doors at eleven.

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