Regional elections Western Uusimaa threatens to delay the social reform if the extra money does not run out

The IT transformation required by the new welfare area has become a problem.

14.1. 19:31

Western Uusimaa the welfare state requires additional funding from the state to complete the sote reform. According to the Preparatory Authority for the Welfare Area, without additional funding, Western Uusimaa will not have the capacity to take on municipal services in January next year.

The problem area has been the ICT costs of the new welfare area. In Western Uusimaa, ten municipalities will be separated from their current parent organizations to establish a new welfare area.

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Western Uusimaa is currently preparing for the SOTE reform, which will enter into force in January 2023, ie the transfer of social and health care and rescue services from municipalities to welfare areas.

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A state grant was awarded to the Temporary Preparatory Body for the change in December, but this is not enough to cover the necessary IT changes.

“With the funding now received, the transfer of services to the welfare area will not be possible in early 2023. In preparation, we are committed to moving services to the welfare area as quickly and gradually as possible, as long as funding is provided, ”says the President of the Interim Preparatory Body. Sanna Svahn in the bulletin.

Svahn was elected as the temporary change director of the Western Uusimaa Welfare Area until the end of February 2022. After this, the welfare area leaders elected by the regional councils will take over the management of the welfare areas.

Western Uusimaa The welfare area will be the largest sote area in Uusimaa geographically. It includes Espoo, Hanko, Inkoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Raseborg, Siuntio, the basic security association Karviainen (Karkkila and Vihti) and the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department.

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In the future, the welfare area will provide military and rescue services for approximately 475,000 inhabitants.

In Uusimaa, several municipalities and welfare areas have been concerned about the timetable pressure for reform.

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Additional state funding for ICT transformation work is proposed as the primary solution for the Welfare Region of Western Uusimaa. As a secondary option, if additional funding is not available, a plan to delay and phase out the transfer of service production will be launched by February.

If we follow this model, it is possible that the Western Uusimaa welfare area will not offer all military and rescue services right from the beginning of 2023.

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