Reader opinion The Sarco device must not be in conflict with Swiss euthanasia legislation

There is no euthanasia law in Switzerland.

I want to ‘Euthanasia Auxiliary Testing Begins’ (HS 11.12.).

The Sarco device presented in the story was developed as early as 2017 and is not intended to be used in the implementation of euthanasia, but as a means to commit suicide. There is also no euthanasia clinic in Switzerland like nowhere else in the world. Not in the Netherlands either. In Switzerland, the introduction of the device is being considered by an association that assists in committing suicide. Nor can the device conflict with Swiss euthanasia legislation, as there is no euthanasia law in Switzerland.

Philip Nitschke, who designed the device, wants to implement a “stylish and elegant way to die” with his device. The design of the device has been widely presented in recent years, and the capsule looks stylish. The added value of external elegance in committing suicide is questionable, as was said in the HS case. The importance of the Sarco device is difficult to place on the resistance-support axis of euthanasia.

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The story wrote that “Switzerland is one of the few countries in the world where medical-assisted suicide is possible”. First, assisted suicides in Switzerland are lay-assisted, and second, doctor-assisted suicide is possible in several countries. According to the story, in Switzerland, euthanasia can be obtained if the motive is not selfish. This is not the case, as euthanasia is a prohibited and punishable offense in Switzerland. It was said in the story that the death of grace is carried out in non-profit clinics, which is also not the case because there are no such clinics there.

At the end of the case, it was stated that doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia are not allowed, which is also not true. Suicide in Finland is not prohibited by law and therefore there can be no assistance in doing so. Euthanasia is not known in Finnish law, but an act referring to it is interpreted as a death, the punishment of which depends in part on the act.

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Juha Hänninen

medical expert

The right to dignified death

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