Rally | Kalle Rovanperä revealed the condition of his back – he is participating in the World Rally Championship in Catalonia

Kalle Rovanperä is facing a tough battle for the World Cup bronze.

Toyota Finnish star of the WRC team Kalle Rovanperä has recovered from driving in the Finnish World Rally Championship almost two weeks ago after an outing.

Rovanperä injured his back in a collision with a pile of sand, but will be able to take part in the World Rally Championship in Catalonia, which starts on Friday, although there are still feelings in his upper back.

“It’s a pretty good situation for your back. It feels a bit like there’s something, but it doesn’t affect driving in any way. So nothing serious. For my back, I can drive quite normally, ”Rovanperä summed up on the eve of the Catalan Rally.

Rovanperä will compete in the last two World Rally Championships of the season for the series bronze place Hyundai Thierry Neuvillea and Ott Tänakia against. The trio is only two points apart.

Thursday however, the special test left much to be desired for Rovanperä.

“We had to change a really big car after the first draw. It was a pretty tedious job. It’s hard to get adjustments to hit the right places when you drive this car for the first time on wide asphalt roads. We definitely have to learn and finalize the adjustments during the weekend, ”Rovanperä said.

“Hopefully the adjustments will be put in place and thereby confidence in driving. I think the result will be closed this weekend. ”


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