Pepper Race 2021 Luukas Majuri, 4, from Vantaa, wanted to make a gingerbread in memory of his Tilli dog – HS’s traditional race is getting faster

The theme of HS’s traditional pepper race this year is the city and nature. The time to participate in the race is on Sunday, December 12th.

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Vastly different dog cookies! Resident in Valaala, Vantaa Luke Major, 4, excited to bake gingerbread with dog molds so much that Majuri’s family decided to take part in HS’s ongoing pepper race with Dog park.

At the same time, the gingerbread work honors the memory of the Major Tilli Shetland Sheepdog. Dill had to end his old age last year just under Christmas.

“It was a tough place for Luke, but his father said that Tilli went to the heaven of the dogs and was allowed to eat as much bone as he wanted, it comforted,” says Luke’s mother. Tiina Majuri.

Piparikisan the theme this year is the city and nature. The majors were inspired by what was said in April news of a puppy boom caused by a corona epidemic.

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According to Tiina Majuri, dog parks are natural places for the city dweller outdoors. Such a “slightly more urban nature, but all the more important for those living in the city”.

A specialty in the Major baking process was the use of lingonberry and spinach in the coloring of icing sugar mass. The red came with the help of the liquid coming out of the lingonberry juice and the green with the liquid coming out of the frozen spinach. However, the spinach itself ended up in the decoration.

Now there doesn’t seem to be a risk that Santa will bring in a new dog. Although the Majors are very dog-like, Tiina Majuri says that a baby was born to the family in the spring.

“The baby is still that small, but we’ll definitely take a new dog someday.”

This is how you participate in the pepper race 2021

Competition according to the rules, the subject of the gingerbread work must be related to the city and nature.

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So bake something that has been left in your mind about the urban nature or its preservation in 2021. Take a photo of your gingerbread work and send it to HS. For potential victory, the work should be kept until the race is over.

You can participate in the competition no later than Sunday 12 December by sending a photo to Write Piparikisa 2021 as the subject of the message and include your phone number.

In the competition there are separate children’s and adult kits. The children’s series is open to those aged 12 and under. For example, school classes or families can register.

The winners of both series will be rewarded with a book.

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