Parliament Parliament adjourns its session and meets to decide to increase vaccination coverage this week

Parliament is considering the government’s proposal to get 16 euros per vaccine instead of the current ten euros.

Parliament announced that it would adjourn its session and would meet in plenary on Tuesday and Friday.

In its sessions, Parliament discusses the government’s proposal to amend the Health Insurance Act. The government’s proposal proposes to increase the compensation for the coronary vaccination measure from the current 10 euros to 16 euros per vaccination.

The law is due to enter into force as soon as possible. The Committee on Social Affairs and Health will discuss the matter on Monday and Tuesday. The committee’s report is due to be completed on Tuesday.

The aim is to help access coronavirus vaccinations and the opportunities for employers to provide vaccines in occupational health care.

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For example In Uusimaa, it will be possible to get the coronavirus vaccine through occupational health from this week. Extensive vaccination is expected to begin in week two, after both vaccinees and vaccinators have returned from the Christmas holidays.

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However, it is up to employers to decide whether to provide vaccinations as part of their occupational health services. Some employers have their own occupational health care, some have outsourced it to a company that provides services.

Expert physician of the Confederation of Finnish Industries Auli Rytivaara told HS last week that in some municipalities, such as Oulu and Turku, occupational health professionals have already started distributing third doses.

“I hope that there will be widespread movement as soon as possible after the turn of the year.”

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