Olympic Games Swedish athletes use a super mask: “Sounds like a vacuum cleaner, a little hard to breathe”

Sweden has not relied on traditional face masks to protect athletes on a flight to Beijing.

Beijing the number one priority for athletes heading to the olympics is to get to the venue healthy and be able to compete normally. Different countries have different safeguards against coronavirus, and Sweden seems to have the means at the strongest end of the scale.

Hump ​​counter Walter Wallberg said Aftonbladetille and To Swedish radio from the so-called supermask, which is used by Swedish athletes on a flight to Beijing.

The mask is ventilated by the battery, and at minimum power, the battery lasts for 19 hours. The battery drives fans that make some noise, especially at higher power levels.

“It’s a little awkward to breathe. At full power, the mask is quite loud, ”Wallberg told Aftonbladet.

“It pulls a little hair and sounds a bit like a vacuum cleaner, but yes this feels safe,” Wallberg, in turn, comments to the radio.

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There is something good in the mask besides protection: a headlamp.

“If you want to read a book on a machine, you can do it.”

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