Nutrition Rosolli and nuts cause nasty stomach symptoms for many – Expert tells you how to relieve swelling and heartburn that threatens at Christmas

Eating habits that deviate from everyday life can cause unexpected stomach upsets.

Christmas is one of the highlights of the food year, bringing to the table an inviting selection of the most anticipated flavors of the festive season. Along with your favorite dishes of the season, it makes you feel like you can taste every variety.

However, eating habits that deviate from everyday life can also cause unexpected stomach upsets. Let’s live through the time of year when many suffer from unfortunate bloating and other digestive symptoms.

Responsible nutritionist Reija Männikkö Terveystalo says that many Christmas stomach ailments are explained by reasons related to eating behavior. When the table is set in Korean and its seven varieties are available, the portion size will easily increase. The rhythm of eating can also become irregular.

“There can be both constant eating and prolonged meal intervals. And then when eaten, large portions are eaten. It can cause all kinds of stomach upsets, both swelling and heartburn, ”Männikkö describes.

The causes of stomach upset can also be found among the familiar Christmas foods. Many Christmas-era foods contain poorly digestible carbohydrates, the high intake of which can cause flatulence and bloating. Rosolli, for example, can be a tricky Christmas food for the sensitive stomach.

“Of Rosoll’s raw materials, beets, onions and apples contain a lot of symptomatic fodmap compounds,” says Männikkö.

Mushroom salad, raisins, prunes and other dried fruits, as well as nuts and almonds, are also foods that are high in poorly digestible carbohydrates. The most problematic of nuts are pistachios and cashews. Almonds can cause stomach symptoms when ingested in large quantities.

Many Christmas-era foods contain poorly digestible carbohydrates, the high intake of which can cause flatulence and bloating.

In many Christmas foods and pastries are pretty high in fat. According to Männikö, a higher intake of fat than everyday eating habits can lead to both bloating and heartburn. The intake of fat can be increased by, for example, gravy salmon, ham, Christmas cakes and other Christmas pastries, as well as cream added to Christmas foods and pastries.

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“Chocolate is a typical cause of heartburn. Mint chocolate in particular can make heartburn worse. ”

Eating habits in addition, drinking habits also play a role in Christmas stomach upset. Carbonated beverages, such as mineral waters and soft drinks, can cause both bloating and heartburn symptoms if consumed in large quantities. Alcohol can also provoke a variety of stomach upsets, such as swelling, heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome.

“If alcohol is consumed regularly at Christmas, it can certainly cause stomach symptoms,” says Männikkö.

Some people may also react with their stomach to plenty of mulled wine. According to Männikö, one explanation is the sugar contained in mulled wine, the high intake of which in some people can lead to bloating, flatulence and even diarrhea. The raisins and almonds added to the glög can also explain the symptom.

“1-2 glasses of mulled wine hardly hurts, but if you start using mulled wine like a thirsty drink, it can cause symptoms,” Männikkö says.

Christmas village trips can increase coffee consumption. Excessive coffee consumption can cause stomach upset. For many people, dark roast coffee is better suited than light roast. The quality of the coffee offered when visiting relatives and friends may not be influenced by yourself.

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“It may be one of the enablers of stomach symptoms at Christmas,” Männikkö thinks.

The more you eat and drink more, the more likely it is to result in upset stomach upsets.

Because Christmas is only once a year, its expected food and drink offering would be nice to enjoy without the annoying stomach upset. How can stomach symptoms at Christmas best be prevented or at least reduced?

“I started with a regular meal rhythm. Even though it is Christmas, I would still strive for a relatively regular meal rhythm. ”

According to Pine, the amount eaten and drunk is often linked to stomach symptoms. The more you eat and drink more, the more likely it is to result in upset stomach upsets.

“It’s enjoyable at Christmas, but it’s not worth eating until the cold. The idea of ​​conscious eating could be brought to the Christmas table: when you try to enjoy food with all your senses, even a smaller amount may be enough. ”

It may also help to make your portions more reasonable by not trying to enjoy all of your favorite Christmas dishes at the same time, but distributing them over the holidays for different meals.

Christmas food tuning recipes can be a good way when stomach upsets are only caused by certain problematic foods.

In rosolli, for example, you can emphasize the amount of potatoes and carrots and leave the proportion of beets lower. If necessary, the onion and apple can be served separately or omitted altogether.

Pine mentions that it is worth taking care to get enough fiber during Christmas, as it helps prevent stomach upsets. High-fiber rye or oat bread and fibrous morning porridge are also recommended choices on public holidays.

Abdominal discomfort usually calms down naturally when you return to everyday eating habits after the holidays.

Movement is a cure for a wide range of stomach upsets. For the Christmas holidays, you should set aside time for outdoor activities and leisurely walks. A leisurely and stress-free Christmas will help calm your stomach. Stomach symptoms are also affected by stressors.

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If stomach upset is very troublesome, help can be found in the pharmacy’s over-the-counter products. Peppermint oil capsules or simethicone, which bursts gas bubbles in the gut, may cause bloating. Temporary heartburn symptoms can be relieved with heartburn medications.

There are also digestive enzyme preparations on the market that help the stomach to tolerate legumes and onions, among other things.

“If you know that a meal has potential causes of symptoms, you can take it with a meal to reduce the symptoms. Some of these are useful, some are not, but they are safe to try. ”

According to Männikö, stomach ailments usually calm down naturally when you return to everyday eating habits after the holidays. The nutritionist hopes that eating at Christmas will not become an unreasonable source of stress and anxiety for anyone.

“I hope you can enjoy your Christmas meal freely. At Christmas, there is no need to count calories or think about nutrient intake. One of the important purposes of food is to bring pleasure and enjoyment to life. ”

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