Nurses’ strike Tehy and SuPer consider the information provided by the employer on the amount of protection work to be incorrect

MTV news: According to Matti Vanhanen, the Patient Safety Act can be enacted in about a week.

Nursing associations Tehy and SuPer consider the image of protection work and its amount given by employers in the media to be incorrect.

Chief Administrative Officer of Hus Veli-Matti Ulander said In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday that conservation work was inadequate in many units, endangering lives. He was particularly concerned about the implementation of cancer surgeries and diagnostics, as well as the availability of blood products

However, according to the caregivers’ organizations, the protection work has been provided in accordance with the strike notice and sufficiently.

Tehyn and SuPer emphasize that the strike only applies to employees who do not have a statutory duty of protection. Only civil servants may be required by law to perform protective work.

“Hospital management has apparently opted for a line of communication in which, based on misinformation and intimidation, it seeks to break the strike and influence public opinion on nurses’ legal strike,” says Tehyn’s chairman. Millariikka Rytkönen in the bulletin.

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“Or managers don’t know what’s going on in the hospitals they run. Both options are equally bad. ”

I do and SuPer argue that an employer’s poor preparation for a strike that was known in good time cannot be a reason to restrict fundamental rights under the Patient Safety Act.

Tehy and SuPer also criticize the fact that the law will be based on information shared by the employer that the organizations consider to be inaccurate.

“The same party that provides the authorities and the ministry with information about the effects of the strike and the amount of conservation work is also a party to the labor dispute. It is quite clear that the Patient Safety Act, which restricts the fundamental rights of nurses, cannot be enacted on the basis of incorrect information, ”the organization’s statement states.

According to Tehy and SuPer, the Emergency Crisis Preparedness Act has led the employer to demand an exceptional law without justification, even in situations where there is no justification.

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“The attention of employers and the government is now not focused on the issue itself, ie the crisis in the social security sector that has been going on for years. We need credible solutions to the problems in the industry and not to violate the fundamental rights of carers, ”says SuPer’s chairman in a press release Silja Paavola.

Parliamentary the President Matti Vanhanen According to (Central), Parliament has the prerequisites to discuss the Patient Safety Act at its fastest in about a week, tells MTV News.

According to Vanhanen, if necessary, Parliament can convene to approve the law next weekend. The timetable depends on when the motion arrives in Parliament and the timetable for its consideration in parliamentary committees, such as the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and the Constitution.

Under the law, nursing staff under strike could be required to perform protection work deemed necessary.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) announced on Friday that the Patient Safety Act is necessary and the proposal will be prepared as soon as possible.

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Tehy, Director of Advocacy Else-Mai Kirvesniemi told BTI on Friday that the debate over the preparation of the Patient Safety Act has sparked outrage among nurses.

“The enactment of the Patient Safety Act is unconstitutional and violates the right of nurses to strike. We hope that Parliament has the wisdom not to enact a law that forces caregivers to work, ”Kirvesniemi said.

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