Movies Award for the Finnish film The Forest Man’s Story from Cannes – “I couldn’t expect anything,” says the surprised director

Metsuri’s story competed in a side series called Critics’ Week in Cannes.

25.5. 20:50

Finnish film The story of a lumberjack won the award in his series at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday. Mikko Myllylahti the film, written and directed by the Critics Week, received the so-called distribution award, which means financial support for bringing the film to cinemas in France.

“The award gives us a good start in distributing the film to France. Our French distributor will receive additional financial support (EUR 20,000) and the film will receive additional visibility, ”says the producer. Emilia Haukka.

Jarkko Lahti (left) and Hannu-Pekka Björkman are part of Metsuri’s cast.

Movie is a production company of Morning Production.

“When you get good visibility in France and reach the public, it knows good in other countries as well. France is the main territory of such a film and the gateway to other countries. The film was first released to the public in Cannes, and now we know that the audience will continue to be in the future, ”producer Haukka said on Wednesday.

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France is one of the largest film countries in Europe and, for example Aki Kaurismäki the rise to the top of international cinema was paved precisely in France and in French cinemas. The story of the forester was presented in Cannes under the name The Woodcutter Story.

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Finnish film will be coming to theaters in France later this year. The film had an agreed French distribution to theaters even before the award.

Mikko Myllylahti was also pleased with the attention.

“I couldn’t expect anything, the series is very high, so the good ones are in the mood,” Myllylahti told HS immediately after the awards ceremony.

“Now we also have to move the return flight forward when the French media wants to interview,” the director-screenwriter said.

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The main prize of the Critics’ Week went to the Colombian La Jauria and the second prize in the series for the Englishman Aftersunfor the movie.

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