Lionel Messi ‘did not dodge the bulge’, this is what he said after the heavy defeat, video


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi.

The figure of the World Cup spoke, after the 1-2 with Saudi Arabia.

Argentina suffered a defeat as painful as it was unexpected before Saudi Arabia 2-1 in their debut in the 2022 World Cup, this Tuesday in Lusail, and the team lionel
His future in the competition is complicated from the outset.

The Saudis, who managed the first big surprise of the tournament, seemed on paper the weakest team in group C, which complete Mexico and Poland, and everything started well for the Albiceleste with a penalty from Lionel Messi (minute 10), but then the Asians turned the score around through Saleh Al Sheri (48) and Salem Al Dawsari (53).
(Not even D10S helps the early riser! This is how the press reacts in Argentina’s defeat) (Melissa Martínez leaks the first bomb photos!)

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hard and clear

The result. “It is a disappointment and a very hard blow for everyone, but there is no other option but to get up, and win to recover.”

The hit. “It is a group that always stood out for its group strength and it is a moment to demonstrate it. We must be more united than ever. It’s not easy to start like this. May people continue to trust.”

The faults. “We had the situations of disallowed goals that were very fine. At that moment we found easy chances, but we fell into the mistake of being offside”.

The problem. “We got down, we got desperate and we lost the way we always worked, we started to shoot centers.”

Mexico. “We know that by beating him we will get comfortable again. We depend on us and the idea in Qatar is to win everything we have left”.
(‘Draw, what does it feel like?’ and the memes of Argentina’s tough defeat against Arabia) (Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia: the goals of the match, World Cup in Qatar, video)

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